Kangaroo With Zombie Growls Attacks Golfer On Fairway As He Swings For His Life

That’s not what you want happening on the fairway.

You want to focus on the beer drinking and your shitty play, not a kangaroo trying to rip your throat out.

From YouTube:

A golfer came under attack in Australia today from a fired up kangaroo in the middle of the fairway in an unprovoked attack. The kangaroo came racing across the fairway and started attacking the golfer immediately in the surprise attack. The quick actions of the second golf cart charging at it forced it to retreat and more serious injuries avoided. The kangaroo skipped off okay and was monitored by ground staff.

It’s a small kangaroo, but those zombie growls are terrifying.

This dude looks like he’s fighting for his life, because he sort of is. Kangaroos will mess you up, or hold your dog hostage. Even the little ones.

Funny, but you can feel the panic.

He’s lucky this ol’ boy didn’t come after him.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock