Magpie Attacks Little Boy On Scooter While Dad Laughs His A** Off & Films The Whole Thing

Meanwhile in Australia…

If you live in Australia or know you somebody that does, you’re probably familiar with magpie swooping. Long story short, magpies can be very territorial birds and have been known to swoop at people, especially smaller children. And for some reason, especially on cyclists.

Enter Max… a young cyclist.

Young Max and his dad were riding their scooters down the sidewalk when a magpie started barreling down on Max’s head. He screamed bloody murder while his dad laughed and filmed the entire encounter. Shortly thereafter, Max went back to face his fears, but not before his dad managed to capture his viral freakout.

“My son and I went riding our scooter and pushbikes. That was when I noticed Max being swooped by a Magpie. The second part is about Max going back and facing his fears.”

Welcome to life in Australia… if it isn’t the snakes or the spiders or the sharks or the crocodiles or the jellyfish…. it’s a damn bird that’s trying to kill you.

Now you know why Joe Rogan won’t go there…

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