Speculation Of Florida Georgia Line Breakup Explodes After Hubbards Unfollow Kelleys On Instagram

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This is an interesting development.

Numerous country artists, including Morgan Wallen, Scotty McCreery and Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley, recently called for the return of concerts after the Biden/Harris celebrations drew such large crowds over the weekend. In addition to the election celebrations, Notre Dame fans rushing the field was also the subject of their frustration.

Morgan Wallen said the “hypocrisy was unreal,” Brian Kelley said “knew we were waiting on the election” and RaeLynn echoed Chris Lane’s sentiments, calling it “brutal.” However, Brian has also added “Covid can’t get us now yay,” implying that since the election is over, the COVID lockdowns are going to disappear.

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For what it’s worth, he also revealed that he did not vote for Joe Biden in the election. However, Tyler Hubbard has been very outspoken against Donald Trump in the past. In a since-deleted social media post from 2018, Tyler called the state of the country “sad” and “scary.”

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However on Monday, Tyler Hubbard revealed that he had contracted COVID and would no longer be able to perform at the CMA Awards this Wednesday. So to sum it all up, we have one member of the band saying it’s time to start booking shows again, and the other sleeping in a tour bus in his driveway because he has COVID.

It isn’t hard to see why these two might not be getting along right now. But then, it got even crazier.

Fans noticed this morning that both Tyler and Hayley have unfollowed Brian and Brittney on Instagram, prompting fans to speculate that they might be on the verge of a breakup.

All it takes is a quick Instagram search to confirm that the Hubbards no longer follow the Kelleys on Instagram.

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Brittany has also shared a ton of despondent stories today regarding friendship and differences of opinion. Of course nobody knows what is really going on between them, but all signs seem to point to a partnership on the rocks right now.

A couple of men posing for a picture at a baseball game

Then again, maybe this is why Brittney freaked out on us last month over a silly meme.

Here’s said meme.

UPDATE: Tyler has since re-followed Brian and Brittney

If you look at the screenshot above, you can see that Tyler followed 514 people. He now follows 516, including Brian and Brittney. However, at the moment, Hayley, who recently voiced her support for Kamala Harris in an Instagram post, still does not.

A couple of men posing for a picture at a baseball game

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