Matt Cassel Shares Insane Story About Coach Todd Haley Refusing To Call Plays During A Game

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The relationship between a quarterback in the NFL, and their head coach is an interesting one. It’s important for both to be on the same page, and it’s important for the coach to have confidence in their QB. Likewise, the QB needs to have confidence in his coach.

Well, this story that Matt Cassel shared on NBC Sports Boston revealed that confidence was nowhere to be found with him and Chiefs Head Coach, Todd Haley.

The year was 2010, and the Chiefs were fighting for a playoff spot. In a must win game, Todd Haley pulled QB Matt Cassel because he was mad that Cassel was audibling out of running plays at the line of scrimmage.

Now to Cassel’s credit, the Chiefs were winning at this point. It was obviously working, but sometimes coaches just can’t get out of their own way with their ego. Of course, it all boiled over when Cassel said:

“Oh Todd, like you ever played the position.”


After multiple heated exchanges, Haley pulled Cassel from the game and put in backup Brodie Croyle. Well, on Croyle’s second pass he was intercepted by the Titans. A bad look for the coach.

Matt Cassel took it upon himself to run back on the field, but Haley was refusing to call in the plays so Cassel called the plays himself. Eventually, Haley began giving him plays again. Talk about a toxic work environment.

Haley, to no surprise, stood up for himself on Twitter saying he was coaching to get the best out of his player. He also had to mention that Matt Cassel had a career year when he was his coach. To be fair, Cassel did have his best year in 2010.

What’s the verdict? Ego maniac head coach who has to have his things his way or good coaching technique?

I think I’m taking the former here…

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