‘CBS This Morning’ Shares Weird Segment About Red State Voters Listening To Turnpike, Zach Bryan & Casey Donahew



CBS This Morning shared a rather weird news segment compiling data on voter listening habits from Spotify’s Play Your Part voting campaign. In what they called the “sound of the political divide,” the data looked at what people are listening on the road to the election.

According to Spotify, voters in blue states are more likely to listen to pop music, while red states are more likely to listen to what they called  “contemporary country.”

And the artists they listed? Turnpike Troubadours, Zach Bryan, and Casey Donahew.

All great artists, and you gotta love Zach Bryan getting more notoriety, but not exactly the three artists you’d expect to see in the “contemporary country” category on a CBS segment. Of course, what kind of music you listen to has nothing to do with how you vote, but it’s still interesting nonetheless.

The segment was shared by Turnpike fiddle Kyle Nix as well as Zach Bryan.

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