Anti-Masker & Drunk Passenger Get Into Heated Fist Fight On Plane

A group of people sitting in a plane

2020 man… we’re already into October and it just keeps picking up steam.

Masks, fights, politics, COVID… what a time to be alive. And every day, we get a new story like this.

According to Arizona Republic, law enforcement was called to remove a man from a flight after a fight broke out among passengers. According to another passenger who filmed the altercation, a man wearing a plastic face shield was the flight attendant asked him wear a cloth mask as well, as per the Allegiant Air’s policy.

When he refused, another passenger (a drunk passenger) got involved and escalated the situation.

Flight attendants attempted to reason with the no-mask man, while the drunk guy kept chirping. Eventually the no-mask man was asked to leave and one thing led to another. Hands got thrown, police got called and a melee ensued. Although it appears as only the anti-masker got kicked off the plane.

Like I said, just another day in 2020…

Also this is why I don’t fly right now. It’s not about the germs (mostly), it’s to avoid situations like this.

Here’s the full backstory from the woman that filmed the ordeal.

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