Ohio Woman Tased After Refusing To Wear A Mask At Middle School Football Game

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And 2020 just continues to get crazier and crazier…

According to the Marietta Times, a parent was tased at a middle school football game after she refused to wear a mask and refused to leave the premises. When the school resource officer attempted to arrest her, she resisted which ultimately led to her getting tased in the bleachers. The incident took place in Logan, Ohio, at am 8th grade football game between Logan and Marietta.

The superintendent released the following statement:

“During a middle school football game held at Logan-Hocking Local School District on the evening of Sept. 23, 2020, an attendee was asked to comply with the Ohio High School Athletic Association’s and the athletic facility’s policies. The attendee refused to do so and consequently was asked to leave by the attending law enforcement officer. After resisting the request to exit the premises, the individual was apprehended at the discretion of the attending law enforcement officer. The school district is not able to comment further on details of the incident due to the ongoing investigation.”

Now look, do I think wearing a mask at an outdoor football game, when she’s seemingly socially distanced from the rest of the fans, is a little stupid? Yeah probably. But if that’s the school’s policy and you’re a visiting fan, you should probably just follow their rules. As soon as you don’t, you’re trespassing and that’s where the arrest comes in.

That being said, tasing a woman at a middle school football game over a mask? What are we even talking about anymore…

Meanwhile you have the cheerleaders staring over here, wondering what the hell is going on, but they’re still chanting “GO TEAM” and “DEFESNE” while Tommy’s mom get’s dragged away by the police.

What a time to be alive…

Then again, these two West Virginia boys found a much easier way to deal with this thing.

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