Somebody Remade The Entire First Harry Potter Movie, But Replaced The Wands With Guns

Real talk, I never read a single page of the Harry Potter series.

And only recently, now in my 30s, have I even seen the movies.

Of course, the recipe for success in Hollywood these days is find an old movie and remake it. Don’t change much, don’t improve it at all, just find a familiar title like Jurassic Park, hire a popular young actor, maybe even get the original actor to do a cameo, and boom… studio hands you 200 mill to make it.

That being said, I present to you Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons.

Ok, it’s actually just the original Harry Potter movie, but instead of wands, they replaced them with guns. Yep, they edited the entire movie to replace every single wand with a gun.

“Imagine yourself in a wonderful world filled with guns in this licensed IP young adult novel adapted to the big Hollywood movie screen! Hundreds of hours were invested into digitally replacing the magic with guns.”

Harry is immediately less of a dork and WAY more of a badass.

As as a sidenote, before everybody loses their mind, the project is designed to bring (a chuckle here or there) but most importantly awareness to gun violence.

You can watch the entire movie, and read more about the project, HERE.

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