Eric Church On New Album: “It Is Unequivocally My Favorite Music We’ve Done”

If there’s anything that can turn this whole year around, a new Eric Church album would be a pretty good start.

I said that in March… it’s gotten A LOT worse. But, the good news is that an album is on the way and the lead single is already here.

In a new interview with iHeart Country, Eric went behind the scenes on the new single “Stick That In Your Country Song,” the lead single from his upcoming studio album.

When asked how the song came about, Eric shared that it was actually written well before the world turned to shit and as 2020 continued to spiral out of control, it became more and more apparent that this had to be the lead single.

“We were in the mountains of North Carolina, this is January, this is before COVID, this before social, racial unrest, riots, protests… and as real as the song was to me then, it became a hundred times more real as time continued to evolve. And that’s rare. I’ve only had that happen maybe a time or two. And it just felt like I was meant to cut the song and to sing the song and that’s the reason it’s the first single.”

Eric also shared some encouraging news on the new album, and while he didn’t give us a name or a date (or whether or not it’s actually a double album), he did call it his favorite music he’s ever made.

“We wrote and recorded 28 songs in 28 days… and I would get up in the morning and write a song and we would record the song that night. And the thinking was we would remove all the barriers of what people think, or a publisher thinks, or a label thinks… and it was really letting creativity be creativity… and it is unequivocally my favorite music we’ve done.”

He also recently released a powerful lyric video to accompany the hard charging new single.

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