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Eric Church Performs “We Were” For The First Time Ever

It’s pretty common in the world of country music to perform hit songs that you’ve written, but another artist recorded. For Eric Church however, it doesn’t sound like he’s ever done it before, at least not with the recently recorded “We Were.”

As he often does when he’s winging it, he cautioned the crowd that he’d give it the old college try, but if they messed it up, Jeff Hyde was getting fired.

“I write all my songs with Jeff, or most of them, and we decided to take this part here right before halftime when everybody gets beer and do something we’ve never done. We’re gonna play a big hit from Keith Urban right now called “We Were”… we think. If this goes bad, you know…. Jeff’s fired.”

As always, they pulled it off.

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A person holding a trophy

A person holding a trophy

Video via Taylor Hendrix