Tyler Childers Claps Back At Morality Policing Mom On Instagram

I love this guy.

Tyler Childers recently shared some sex advice on an Instagram photo of himself holding a rather provocative piece of art.

“Listen, boys, if you ain’t eatin’ that pussy…well, then somebody’s eatin’ that pussy.”- Wayne Mullinix #eatinbigtime

While most of the comments thought it was hilarious, one parent in particular was offended (because of course she was) over the lewd caption.

“Poor taste Mr Childers! My young son loves your music as do I but sadly you must go. I can’t have this influence in his young mind. Be well and blessed.”

Obviously not being one to give a fuck, Tyler had the perfect response:

“Cool. I didn’t sign up to be a youth group leader. Your job as parent is to monitor. With all the drug references, cuss words, and songs about masturbation, I suppose a mom’s gotta draw the line somewhere…and for you that line is cunnilingus. Although, if your son is too young for this he ought not have Instagram in general. Been well, blessed errday.”

Tyler Childers is out here spreading the truth for all of us to hear and I can’t get enough of it.

On that note, here’s a song about masturbation.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock