Tanya Tucker Launches New Cosa Salvaje Tequila Brand

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Two of my favorite things… country music and tequila.

Country music star, Tanya Tucker launched a brand new tequila label called Cosa Salvaje, translated to “Wild Thing” in Spanish. According to a press release, Cosa Salvaje is a silver spirit distilled by the family-owned Partida Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico from very mature Blue Agave plants, which results in a smooth, crisp taste.

“I used to be a wild thing, now I just drink a wild thing! I truly love the taste of Cosa Salvaje and certainly wouldn’t be partnering with it if it didn’t pass my taste test. All my friends did a blind test with different tequilas and Cosa Salvaje was the hands down winner, so I know everyone else is going to enjoy it as much as I do. What’s even more important to me is how the agave and distilling process is environmentally conscious, so we’re taking care of our planet too.”

Well, I don’t know if Tanya’s friends blind taste-tested George Strait’s Codigo, but if it’s anywhere even close to as good as that, I’m on board. Hell, if it’s cheap I’m probably ob board anyway.

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Interesting photo choice as well…

Photo credit: Steven Lyon

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