Eric Church Forgetting The Words To His Songs Makes Me Like Him Even More

If you’ve ever seen an Eric Church concert in person, you know what an incredible show it is. On this year’s tour, he’s playing two entirely different shows in each city on back to back nights. That means in one weekend, he’s playing somewhere between 60 – 70 songs, with only a few repeats.

So it’s possible that he’ll forget some of the words sometimes. Actually, it’s pretty likely.

Most artists stick to the script when they’re on tour. But not Eric Church, he opens up his whole catalog for his shows. Unreleased songs like “Old Friends, Old Whiskey, Old Songs,” deep cuts like “Longer Gone,” from Carolina, and fan favorites like “Livin’ Part of Life” from Sinners Like Me. He’ll even take a stab at a cover he’s never played before.

You can imagine how hard it would be to remember the words to every song when you’re not playing them every night, not to mention, those shots of Jack Daniels probably don’t help either.

Somehow, forgetting the words only makes me like him more. It shows that he’s human. He’s raw. He’s real. And even if he does mess up the words every now and then, you’ve got to respect an artist like Eric giving his fans ALL of the songs they want to hear. He’s going to give the fans everything he’s got, and then some, every single night. Perfection be damned.


“Knives of New Orleans”

“Sinners Like Me”

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

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