Oklahoma State Football Coach Mike Gundy Takes The Stage With Zach Bryan In Tulsa

Mike Gundy Zach Bryan

As an Oklahoma State alumni… I am forever loyal and true.

After wondering how “Revival” guests continue to get better and better after Mason Ramsey appeared on night one, a guest that hits close to the heart graces the stage.

On the second night of  Zach Bryan’s Tulsa tour, he pulled up Oklahoma State’s head football coach, Mike Gundy, not only celebrating his birthday but nearly burning down the BOK Center with their performance of “Revival.”

I can count the amount of OSU alumni I knew in the arena, and to say they were bleeding orange that night was an understatement.

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While many Oklahoma State fans, students, and alums are living in the moment of the school being represented in Tulsa, quite a few fans are not thrilled that Gundy is spending his free time on stage and not prepping for football season.

Mike Gundy has not had a stellar track record on the field, with some highs and lows in his time as head coach.

As everyone is gearing up for football season, OSU fans are worried that Gundy is not securing the recruits he needs for a successful season.

The videos of Gundy celebrating his birthday on stage looks like more work than play to some viewers.

With the Big 12 conference re-alignment currently underway, I think that this season will show if the Cowboys can keep up.

Cowboy football fans have high hopes for the season as season tickets have sold out for this year.

It’s time to get to work, Gundy…

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