Zach Top Brings The ’90s Country Heat On Stellar Debut Album ‘Cold Beer & Country Music’

Zach Top country music
Zach Top

The future of country music is in good hands.

I have been waiting for this album to drop since he announced it in January of this year. The Washington native is bringing back the classic country sound, drawing influences from George Strait, Keith Whitley, Alan Jackson, and other ’90s legends… Top is putting a modern twist on the sound you’d find in a Texas dancehall.

Leading up to the release of his debut album, Cold Beer & Country Music, Zach Top released singles like “Use Me” and “Sounds Like The Radio,” which told of the magic this album was going to possess. Top noted that his album has been a labor of love, writing on it for nearly five years.

“Creating ‘Cold Beer & Country Music’ has been an incredible journey. This album is a labor of love, a reflection of my roots, and a celebration of the timeless spirit of country music.” 

You can hear how much thought he put into each of these songs just off the first listen-through. From the slow heartbreak ballads like “Lonely for Long” to the upbeat twangers “Things To Do,” every track transports you back in time. With his smooth twangs, rip-roaring guitar riffs, and heavy fiddle and steel guitar licks, this album proves that the timeless ’90s country sound is alive and well. If you fired this one up for George Strait or Alan Jackson, I’m sure they’d give it a five star stamp of approval… the neo-traditional torch is being passed to the likes of Randall King, Jake Worthington, and now Zach Top too.

This year is Zach Top’s year, and this album will put him on the map for those who have yet to jump on his train. If you’re still sleeping on Zach consider this your wake up call… crack open a cold beer and enjoy the glorious sound of real… country… music.

This is easily a stand-out album of the year so far, and he’s only just getting started:

“Cold Beer & Country Music”

“Use Me”

“Lonely for Long”

“Ain’t That A Heartbreak”

“Dirt Turns to Gold”

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