“I Sure Am Glad You’re Leaving” – Kim Mulkey Reveals What She Said To Caitlin Clark In Handshake Line

Caitlin Clark Kim Mulkey

While Kim Mulkey is a polarizing figure in women’s basketball, at least she can acknowledge the talent that is Iowa’s Caitlin Clark.

Last night’s NCAA women’s Elite Eight match-up was well worth the hype as Iowa stomped on LSU, getting their ticket to the final four after losing to LSU in last year’s National Championship match-up. The Iowa Hawkeyes came for blood this time around, especially Caitlin Clark, who was draining DEEP threes from all over the court.

Clark has been a powerhouse throughout the entire tournament this year, but last night, she really solidified that she is the most electric player in all of college basketball by scoring an astonishing 41 points. I was so bad that at one point, LSU’s Hailey Van Lith just raised her hands as a white flag, knowing that Clark was going to continue to score three after three.

LSU might have put some bad juju in the arena last night, though, when Angel Reese put a crown on her bench as a warning sign to Clark as to who the ‘queen’ of basketball is.

Sorry Angel, this year it’s not you this year… and even your coach knows that.

At the press conference after the game, a reporter asked Mulkey what she exchanged with Clark in the handshake line. (Mulkey appeared to nearly break Clark’s neck in the process, grabbing her to say something to her.)

“I sure am glad you’re leaving. Girl, you something else. Never seen anything like it.”

Mulkey said she whispered in her year after the game. In the press conference, Mulkey expanded on what a talented player she thinks Clark is, and it’s refreshing to hear her speak so highly of the “generational player” Clark is.

“Somebody’s gotta guard her. Nobody seems to be able to guard her, we didn’t even guard her last year when we beat them. She’s just a generational player, and she just makes everybody around her better. That’s what the great ones do…

Caitlin Clark’s not going to beat you by herself. It’s what she does to help make those other teammates better that helps her score points, that helps them score points to beat you.”

Clark is the crown jewel of this year’s tournament. I can’t wait to see her in action against UCONN on Friday.

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