Young Buck Seems To Heal From A Snapped Leg In A Matter Of Weeks

Deer with broken leg
A Wisconsin Wildlife Journal

These animals are tough.

Nature doesn’t make it easy for them, but they are able to survive. The choice is survive or die, but it is still always amazing to witness what these creatures go through, and deer might be as resilient as they come. From the second they are born, they are hunted by everything that can get them. And then when they grow up, they’re hunted by us as well.

Their only real defense is running away, so if they get injured or break bones, they are at a massive disadvantage and will most likely starve, or wind up on a predator’s dinner table. Deer are able to find a way, though, powering their way through every step of adversity.

These trail cameras picked up the amazing time lapse of this young buck working its way through a bad injury. The video starts on November 28th and shows the buck walking by with its leg completely swinging on his side… pretty obvious that it’s snapped in half.

The tough deer never backs down and is even caught sparring another buck, while chasing the ladies around. And then by the end of January, he seems to be walking on it… fairly fine.

Talk about one tough animal.


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