You’ll Never See A Cooler Trick Play Than This Punter To Center TD Pass By The UFL’s San Antonio Brahmas

UFL Game

Who says you need to try to take the three points before halftime? When you’re San Antonio Brahmas punter Brad Wing, and you can sling the rock 40+ yards on the fly, you might as well take advantage of it. That’s especially so if there happens to be a center like Alex Mollette, who has the soft hands of a wide receiver and can rumble his way to the end zone.

The poor DC Defenders special teams unit never saw it coming, this Wing to Mollette touchdown hook-up for what many are describing as “The Thick Six.”

Talk about demoralizing an opponent and seizing the momentum going into the break. What was a tight, one-possession game with a potential disaster scenario of a blocked field goal from 58 yards away, or a possible return by the Defenders in the style of Antonio Cromartie.

Instead, we get this beautiful masterclass of deception, much to the delight of NFL veteran coach Wade Phillips and his staff who dialed up the ballsy call.

The new UFL is certainly put the “special” in special teams within their first 24 hours or so of official existence. Jake Bates nailed a winning 64-yard field goal last night, and now we have maybe the dopest trick play my eyes have ever beheld. Were I Wade Phillips, I would’ve kept this banger of a play in the holster until later in the season. Then again, setting the tone in such epic fashion in Week 1 is an admirable tactic. San Antonio evidently means business, and will stop at nothing to do what it takes to win. Respect.

One of my first vivid memories as a young football fan was somewhat similar to this scenario, only it turned into a laughingstock. It was an early-2000s playoff game between the 49ers and Giants, when an errant snap resulted in the holder trying to target a lineman with a pass. Only that, of course, wasn’t the intent of the play. Rather than a would-be winning field goal from relatively close range, holder/punter Matt Allen had to sprint out and try to throw a desperation pass. The vast majority of the Giants’ blocking unit ran many yards past the line of scrimmage for a medley of ineligible man downfield penalties. High comedy.

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