Zach Bryan Makes A Dream Come True For Chronically Ill Fan, Gifts Her A Guitar Before Inviting Her Backstage

Zach Bryan country music

Zach Bryan is a man of the people.

On each tour, he continues to show fans that even though he has achieved levels of fame most only dream of, he is still beyond thankful to everyone who fills the arenas he plays every night. During his shows, if he sees a fan holding a sign that means something to him, he often goes out of his way to make a lasting impression on the fan.

Which is exactly what he did for a girl named Megan.

Megan Pederson, 19, shared her story on social media and with local news outlets that she was diagnosed with a disease called MALS, or median arcuate ligament syndrome. Megan shared on TikTok that after many misdiagnoses, she and her mother started doing their research, leading them to find that she had MALS. After multiple hospitalizations and guidance down the wrong path for diagnosis, she thought that finally having an answer for the rare disease that she had meant better days were ahead. However, after going to a specialist, she was told her case was too complex, and she could not be operated on to help alleviate her symptoms.

Megan’s rare diagnosis makes it so that her body rejects all nutrition, even through a feeding tube.

@meganspederson04 mals & vascular compressions will not win this battle. awareness is what saves & we need more of it🩵🎗️ #medianarcuateligamentsyndrome#malsawarenessday #mals #ncs #smas #mts #pots #heds #ehlersdanlos #vascularcompressionsyndromes #vascularcompressionsawareness ♬ In Jesus Name (God Of Possible) – Katy Nichole

Megan has continued to live her life, despite her battle with this chronic illness, and recently, she put on a cute outfit and made her way to see one of her favorite artists, Zach Bryan, in Milwaukee. During the show, she sat close to the stage and had a sign that said her life goals were to meet ZB and take a picture with him.

After “Revival,” Zach Bryan makes his way off the stage and heads straight toward Megan and those who were with her. He passes off the guitar he was wearing on stage but grabs a guitar case and brings it over to her, offering it as a gift. Megan is in pure shock and awe of what is happening in the moment.

“For you. Are you going to come backstage? Okay, I’ll give this to you back there. It’s good to meet you, so good to meet you.”

He says this to Megan, who is left speechless after he hugs her. The moment has gone viral on TikTok, with nearly 5 million views. Fans quickly filled up the comments section with notes about how much they appreciate ZB for doing this for fans like Megan.

This is a moment she will NEVER forget.

@meganspederson04 the best all night revival of my life!!! @Zach Bryan #zachbryan #zachbryanmilwaukee #zachbryanconcert #zachbryantour ♬ original sound – megan:)

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