Watch This Escape Artist Set World Record For Quickest Time Out Of A Water Tank While Upside Down

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Harry Houdini would be very proud of this escape artist Andrew Basso, who — *takes an appropriately deep, deep breath — set the world record for “Fastest Time To Escape From A Water Tank Upside Down With Restrained Hands And Feet.”

Two minutes and 11 seconds was all Basso needed to pull off the feat of removing both handcuffs with a flimsy lock pick, somehow removing both his ankles from sturdy restraints, and finally picking his way out of the top master lock.

This is such an adrenaline rush to watch. It’s not dissimilar to when Alex Honnold free solos his latest seemingly impossible rock climbing adventure. OK maybe not quite that intense, but there’s still a mortality risk of sorts at play here. When Basso was banging on the top of the glass case of emotion he was stuck in, I was truly wondering if that meant he needed to be let out. To voluntarily pinch your nose, let all the blood rush to your head, and pursue this type of danger takes a special kind of intestinal fortitude that Basso should have everyone’s respect for even attempting.

Although Basso set the Guinness-certified world record a few days ago or so, Sunday just so happens to be Houdini’s birthday! Hence, it was only fitting to pay homage to the world’s preeminent escape artist who inspired Basso and countless other illusionists who quite literally risk it all for (figurative) immortality and the entertainment of others.

I was today years old when I discovered that, in hunting down other world records, I discovered that country music legend Merle Haggard once bought a round of 5,095 drinks in 1983. That was a world record that stood for over 30 years.

Anyway, to tie this back to Basso, his website states that he is the “rockstar [sic] of magic”, and his one-man show, “Believe in the Impossible” is exclusively in Italy. He or his copywriter(s) claim him to be the “true successor” to Harry Houdini. So there you go. I would say, after pulling off this world-record feat from the water tank, Basso at least somewhat lives up to that gaudy billing.

Also didn’t know until this very moment that Houdini inspired Batman. How fitting that Basso channeled Michael Keaton’s ’89 Batman by hanging upside down for his record-setting stunt.

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