Aaron Rodgers Was Reportedly The “Most Prepared” To Take Over ‘Jeopardy’ Hosting Gig

Aaron rodgers

In an alternate universe, Aaron Rodgers would have had to juggle being the New York Jets quarterback, the Vice President of the United States, and the host of Jeopardy.

Doesn’t that almost sound like some kind of bizarre sitcom? Throw in Rodgers’ conspiracy theory dabbling and you might have yourself a hit television show.

Speaking of TV, it appears that Aaron Rodgers had a real shot at being the permanent host of the beloved trivia gameshow Jeopardy. Former show producer Mike Richards spoke to People about the decision to fill the role of the late great Alex Trebek, and said that the Super Bowl winning QB had everything the show was looking for in a host:

“Aaron Rodgers was definitely the most prepared. I was blown away by that – the intensity in which he prepped – and he was so lovely to everyone on staff.”

That might surprise some people, though it really shouldn’t. Rodgers likely just prepared for the hosting gig like he would a starting gig in the NFL. But that was the big problem for Jeopardy, as Richards went on to describe:

“But ultimately I worried about his other job that he does on a pretty high level. I was like, ‘How are you going to work this out with football scheduling?’ He said, ‘You’ll figure it out!'”

If Rodgers and the long-running show could have worked out some sort of schedule, he certainly could have held his own hosting. The New York QB showed he had what it takes during his two-week guest hosting stint, which was met with grand reviews by fans of Jeopardy.

Aaron has even made it known that he would have accepted the job if he had been offered the hosting role. But that offer never came due to schedule complications, and I do wonder how Jeopardy would have handled all of Rodgers conspiracy talk and feud with Jimmy Kimmel.

His Jeopardy hosting gig could have over before it even got started… kind of like his season with the New York Jets last year. Too soon?

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