Koe Wetzel Takes Fans Inside Sonic Ranch Studios For The Making Of “Damn Near Normal”

Koe Wetzel
Koe Wetzel

A peek behind the curtain.

Koe Wetzel did it again with his latest single, “Damn Near Normal.”  The Road Warrior song highlights that living a rockstar lifestyle might seem like the dream at first. But as time goes on and you continue to live that lifestyle, your idea of ‘normal’ isn’t a home-cooked meal and getting into a fresh set of sheets at night.

“Drink ten times the weight of a sober manAin’t startin’ my day until 2 a.m.And I hate it, so I’m takin’

A little melatonin and a bag of weedPlus a fistful of Xans just to fall asleepYeah, it’s kind of different than it’s supposed to beBut that’s damn near normal to me”

Since its release, the single has captured the hearts of Koe fans, taking them back to the sound of his early career with raw songwriting. And now Koe is now giving fans a glimpse into the making of the single.

Like the Sonic Ranch sessions, he released after Hell Paso, Koe and the boys are back at the El Paso studio to make this track. From sitting on the floor pounding out the lyrics and figuring out the melodies that will highlight the words while creating a sound that will be addicting to the ears, this short video opens the gates to see inside his creative process.

My favorite part of the video has to be Koe in the booth singing the somber lyrics with a lightly played snare drum in the background to keep the beat. It not only highlights his vocals but also showcases the different layers it takes for a song to come together.

“Damn Near Normal” has been a regular on my playlist since the release. In Koe we trust.

If you haven’t listened to the track, smash that play button.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock