Koe Wetzel Drops 360 Video For “Oklahoma Sun” Live From The Sonic Ranch

Koe Wetzel country music

Whew, thought I had vertigo for a second.

We’re four months removed from Koe Wetzel’s release of his latest kickass album, Hell Paso, and I still can’t stop listening.

There’s one common element I find within each album Koe releases, and it’s that they keep getting better with every listen.

Songs can take on new meanings, different lyrics begin to resonate, and you pick up on badass guitar riffs you might’ve missed the first time through.

With that being said, there’s one song in particular on Hell Paso that I’ve found myself spinning like crazy here as of late, and it’s “Oklahoma Sun.”

The song kind of has a late ’90s, early 2000s grunge rock feel to it, as Koe sings about how even though the sun keeps setting on Oklahoma, his old flame is still nowhere close to coming back home.

The chorus paints the picture crystal clear:

“I’m waitin’ on a storm I know is comin’
I’m waitin’ on the sun to sit on down
This Oklahoma sun just keeps on settin’
And my baby ain’t comin’ around…”

He recently released a live from the studio video performing the song at the iconic Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas, but the best part about it?

The video was created with a 360 view, so you can circle around and zone in on each member of the band as they play the song.

Check it out:

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