Alligator Powers Its Way Through Fence With A Little Help From Florida Man

Florida gator fence
ABC 7 Chicago

I don’t care what scientists say about birds being the closest living relative to dinosaurs, alligators belong in Jurassic Park.

For the last 37 million years, gators have been roaming the tropical regions of the world, feasting on creatures of all sizes and securing their place on top of the food chain.

Sure, us humans like to think we’re better than them because we toss down a basket of gator nuggets from time to time, but we have technology to thank for that. When push come to shove and it’s one on one with a gator, we lose big time.

While their mostly known for feats in the water, this video shows they possess power on land as well.

Taken at a golf course in Placida, Florida, an onlooker watched in amazement as an alligator figured out a way to get to a body of water just behind a fence. Well, figured out a way implies creativity, which it didn’t use. Instead, it shoved its massive head through the bars and began pushing, bending the metal posts to make room for it to squeeze through.

It did get its hind legs caught for a second, and while it was probably going to get through, an always helpful Florida Man jumped in to assist, lifting the gators large tail up to clear the fence bottom.

Yeah, that about sums up what people think Florida is, and since I lived there for a few years, I can say with certainty that it is 100% what Florida is like.

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