NASCAR To Potentially Host A Race In Dodger Stadium…. So How Will That Work?

Dodger Stadium
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Two of America’s past times could be set for a collision course.

That is if NASCAR can figure out the logistics of hosting a race inside a baseball stadium, which is what they are currently exploring with the historic Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles, California.

Though nothing is set in stone, sources have at least confirmed that NASCAR is looking to stage a race somewhere in the Los Angeles Area. The racing association has reportedly held discussions with the Los Angeles Dodgers about turning their historic baseball stadium into a unique, temporary race track.

There’s no doubt that NASCAR wants to reach the California market. NASCAR’s President Steve Phelps even stated during the week of the Daytona 500 that they have a goal to race in Southern California in 2025.

So it sounds like they’ve got the “when” covered, but now they just have to figure out the “where” and “how.” Since they’ve already talked to the Dodgers about staging a race within the baseball stadium, that specific “where” can’t be ruled out.

Hosting a race at a baseball stadium, though challenging, would align with some of the unique ventures that NASCAR has managed to pull off in the past. They successfully hosted a street race in Chicago in 2023, and have made a race in the L.A. Coliseum a staple event for the last three years.

And in NASCAR’s talks with the Dodgers, it’s unknown whether the racing association is exploring a temporary track built inside the confines of the stadium, or following along in other racing league’s footsteps by laying out a track outside of Dodgers Stadium.

Just looking at initial dimensions, it does seem that putting the track inside the stadium wouldn’t make that much sense:

That would be one weird-shaped race track, though if I’m being honest, I would have to tune in to see how they made it work. And that intrigue right there is exactly why NASCAR is attempting to figure out how they could pull it off.

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