Tommy Fleetwood Paints Beautiful Ball-Striking Portrait With Medley Of Incredible Golf Shots For TaylorMade


Tiger Woods was famous for his arsenal of shots, and during his prime, he strove to be able to execute a draw, fade, and straight shot at low, medium and high trajectories. A total of nine general shot types in his arsenal to execute at will in the heat of competition. Plus, an endless array of variations within those nine main shot types.

Welp. Tommy Fleetwood has graced us with a master class of ball-striking in a recent video for TaylorMade Golf. Armed with one of the best swings in the world, Fleetwood showed off literally eleven different shot shapes, trajectories and quality results with one fairway metal. If you’re a fan of the ProTracer technology, you absolutely must see this.

You can see all the ball flights hang out on the screen as Fleetwood cycles through a bunch of different ways to play a long approach from the short grass. It’s straight-up dumb how often he flushes the ball. You can hear the purity of contact on each strike. It must feel like almost divine power to have that kind of control of your golf ball.

It’s almost like, I could imagine Fleetwood or other pros who are capable of these types of feats getting in their heads about what shot to hit under pressure.  You almost have too many in the arsenal to fully commit to one. I love, too, how Fleetwood’s “stock” shot is just a dead straight piss missile. Yeah, that’ll play. I think I’d just try to hit that every single time if I were him. Then again,with the way courses are set up, particularly at major championships, all these different shots are more or less required to maximize score.

Despite an extremely successful career in which he’s won seven times on the European Tour and ranked as high as ninth in the world, Fleetwood has surprisingly never won a tournament on U.S. soil. He also has six top-five finishes at the majors since 2017, including three at the U.S. Open. Seems only a matter of time before Fleetwood breaks through with some stateside hardware. Given how great he is from tee to green, the U.S. Open really suits Fleetwood’s strengths. That’s not until June at Pinehurst, but if he can maintain his recent run of decent form heading into that event, the 33-year-old figures to be a popular bet to at least finish inside the top five, if not win outright.

Here’s a fuller version of the excellence Fleetwood put on display for TaylorMade, where he goes into a little more detail about the 11 shots he hit. Wildly impressive.

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