“Do The RIGHT Thing, NCAA” – Johnny Manziel Stands With Reggie Bush, Will Pass On Heisman Ceremony

Johnny Manziel
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Johnny Manziel is firing off some Tweets this morning.

The former Texas A&M Aggie is standing up for Reggie Bush after the NCAA revoked his Heisman trophy. After the conclusion of a four-year investigation, it was deemed that he and his family accepted cash, travel funding, and a fully furnished home while he was a student-athlete. While NCAA rules have since changed regarding athletes making money, in 2005, when he received the esteemed award, it was very illegal.

That being said, it’s pretty well understood that A LOT of money and gifts were still changing hands back then.

Johnny Manziel, who confessed to taking his own fair share of handounts, noted on Twitter (X) this morning that he will be passing on any ceremonies surrounding the award until the NCAA gives Bush his trophy back.

“After careful thought and consideration I will be humbly removing myself from the Heisman trophy ceremony until Reggie Bush gets his trophy back. Doesn’t sit right with my morals and values that he can’t be on that stage with us every year.

Reggie IS the Heisman trophy. Do the RIGHT thing, NCAA. The ball is in your court.”

Manziel was quickly under fire after standing up for Bush because he now has “morals and values.” Johnny Football was no saint himself. Let us not forget when he said in an interview with Shannon Sharpe and Club Shay Shay that the harder he partied, the better he played, or that he lost 40 pounds on a strict diet of blow.

The talented player couldn’t keep his partying under control, leading to the downfall of his NFL career with the Browns, which was making social media ROLL that he was now trying to serve justice.

While some people questioned the high horse he was sitting on with the Bush Tweet, he was right there, ready to explain how he is turning a new leaf and holding himself to a higher standard.

“Morals and values are something that every single Aggie is engrained with from the second that you step on campus.

I chose not to accept that fact until recently but moving forward I will hold myself to a higher standard that will go over a lot of y’all’s heads. Time to get 1% better today.”

To cap off this string of self-improvement messages that he fired off this fine Saturday morning, he wanted to let everyone know that he is, in fact, not an NFL ‘bust’ because he never really retired…

Supporting Reggie Bush, holding himself to a higher standard, and a looming message about being an NFL ‘bust.’ What a rollercoaster ride of Tweets this fine Saturday morning.

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