Twitter Flames Parents Of Viral 8-Year-Old Who Performed Fergie-esque National Anthem At Indiana Pacers Game

Pacers national anthem
Shafer Murray

Spirited does not always equate to good, which is precisely what happened during this national anthem performance.

A now viral 8-year-old, Kinsley Murray, took to center court to perform the “Star Spangled Banner” and “O Canada” to kick off the Indiana Pacers basketball game.

Decked out in head-to-toe red, white, and blue, complete with an American Flag ball gown, she dressed to impress, but her singing did not quite live up to the same sentiment. If you haven’t seen it… buckle up because she gives Fergie a run for her money.

I mean, you can tell she LOVES our country from the passion she showed during the performance, but she also needed to warn people she was going to take such creative liberties. And during “O Canada,” I am nearly positive that might crack some of our alliance with their nation. It’s a criminal offense.

So the question on everybody’s mind is… why the hell did this kid’s parents let her do this?

I wasn’t going to say it outright…I mean, can you imagine my downfall as a journalist for flaming an 8-year-old and crushing her dreams to become a singer? Thankfully though, the unfiltered minds on Twitter have come outright and said it, so here I am now reporting on how the social media platform is roasting the hell out of the girl’s parents along with the Pacers for posting the performance and acting like it was good.

Before we dive into the gold star Tweets about this, the one pressing question on my mind is, was it rehearsed like this, or did she step onto the court and freestyle the performance? If the national anthem was practiced as she performed it, these parents deserve jail time for letting their child do this.

The general consensus across social media is that we owe Fergie an apology after watching this.

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