8-Year-Old Goes Viral With Spirited National Anthem Performance At Indiana Pacers Game

national anthem performance
Shafer Murray

Now, THIS is patriotism.

The NFL has figured out how to secure top-notch talent regarding who kicks off games with the national anthem. With stellar performances like Reba’s and with Chris Stapleton bringing tears to players’ eyes…they know how to celebrate our nation.

However, the NBA might be giving them a run for their money with this performance.

During a recent Indiana Pacers game, the team invited a young girl to perform the “Star Spangled Banner,” and they didn’t even need a flag to look at because she was decked out in an American Flag ball gown. Her outfit alone screams America, and before the first note even left her lips, I KNEW this would be good.

The girl delivers the song with so much confidence, putting her own twist on the historic song, giving some key changes, some belly growls leading into long, drawn-out notes, and a passion during the performance that I have never seen before.

Was the performance compared to Fergie’s legendary rendition? Yes. Is that a good thing? No. But, she’s just 8 years old… cut her some slack. I mean, she’s got the voice, just gotta work on some control and maybe rethink where we take some creative liberties. Also, how are 8-year-olds getting to do national anthems at professional sporting events these days? Knowing how ruthless the internet is, are we really gonna toss young kids out to the lions like that?

During part of the performance, the cameraman panned to the Pacer players standing on the court, and while all of them had their heads bowed during the song, you could see that quite a few were trying their hardest to wipe the smile off their faces, one even shielding his face from the camera as he lets out some giggles.

I respect the hell out of this girl’s confidence, and while the performance was not your typical national anthem go-around, I have never felt more patriotic. The TikTok user who uploaded the video said it best with his caption.

“Here to watch the Pacers, but no pass to yourself off the backboard between the legs windmill tomahawk jam could top what just happened! This was seriously one of the best things that has ever happened to me.”

@sweetbabydeee Here to watch the #pacers ♬ original sound – Dylan

You already know the drill… I headed straight to the comments section to see what other viewers thought, and they did not disappoint.

“Play this at my funeral.”

“I’m telling my kids this is Fergie.”

“This is the level of self-confidence that I need.”

“This is the anthem America deserves, honestly.”

“The outfit, the hair, the emotion… she’s a star.”

“Of all the national anthem renditions I’ve ever heard, this is definitely one of them.”

“The growling took me ooooout.”

“God bless the USA. The land of an opportunity for anyone.”

“I haven’t felt this patriotic in YEARS.”

The internet is ruthless, man…

Check out the full performance as well as her spirited rendition of “O Canada” as well:

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