Florida Alligator Flatlines Trapper With A Headbutt In Viral Video

Alligator knockout
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I’m 100% team alligator on this one.

A video from 2018 has been blowing up online again and I completely understand why.

The whole thing went down in Ocoee, Florida, about 20 minutes west of Orlando, and was captured on video for the world to see and enjoy.

An 8 foot gator was spotted roaming the streets of a residential area, which isn’t all that uncommon in Florida, but none the less the authorities were called in to remove this nuisance gator.

Things were seemingly going pretty well; The trappers and police had the alligator tied up and just had to get it in the truck to either bring it to a meat processing plant or a wildlife refuge. Gators over 6 feet can’t be released into the wild because they will go through extreme lengths to go back to where they were captured, some having traveled hundreds of miles just to be recaptured.

But there was a problem. The gator was being a bit feisty and they couldn’t lift it into the truck, so one of the trappers decided to try and calm it down.

How did he do that you ask? Did he cover its head like every other trapper on the planet because they tend to ease up when they can’t see? Nope.

This trapper decided that repeatedly whacking this alligator in the face was the right way to calm in down. I’m talking like 20 smacks on the snout, just kept doing it, and I can’t imagine he thought it would work. It makes me think he was trying to look cool in front of all the neighbors and cops that were watching him.

Well, this gator got its revenge when a team of guys eventually lifted it up into the truck and it turned around with violence in mind. Despite its arms, legs, and snout being tied up, it was able to land a vicious headbutt on the trapper that was harassing him, sending him to the pavement in a clear daze, nearly completely unconscious.

I don’t want this guy to actually get hurt, but that’ll show you for slapping an alligator’s nose.

All’s well that ends well and the man turned out to be just fine. The gator was eventually loaded up and moved out and I’d bet they took this one to get some gator bites and boots made due to its behavior…

As if it needs to be said, please don’t taunt alligators. They’ve been around for millions of years for a reason and it isn’t their sunny disposition.

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