Dad Drops Phone In A Panic When Grizzly Bear Charges Car At Yellowstone National Park

Grizzly charges man at Yellowstone
Viral Hog

Full speed ahead.

Grizzly bears are the most notorious creatures in all of North America. They are large, they are killers, but they are so cool to see. Any time a person has the chance to safely view these creatures, they should savor every second of it. Grizzlies are massive mammals known for their strength and power as predators. They can weigh well over 1,000 pounds depending on where you are, but average closer to 600 pounds. They can stand well over 10 feet tall and have massive paws that are probably bigger than your head.

These bears are omnivores meaning they will literally eat anything. And while they are known for being apex predators, much of their diet is actually vegetation, eating berries, plants and grasses. But they love some good meat especially when packing on the pounds for winter. They will hunt, forage, scavenge, even will eat your garbage.

Yellowstone National Park is home to a vast amount of diverse wildlife. People come from far and wide to see many of these creatures, but grizzlies are at the top of many people’s list. The park offers the opportunity to drive through some of the most untouched land, with the best chance to see these animals.

Naturally, it’s hard not to stop on the side of the road to have a look when you see one.

These folks were stopped on the side of a Yellowstone road, taking in the beauty of this amazing creature. Thankfully, they were fully aware of the dangers of these creatures. They stayed in their car and quickly learned why it was a good idea. The grizzly seemingly notices them and, in a flash, changes its whole attitude as it starts to charge in.

The people quickly panic and start to get out of there, hoping not to have to close of an encounter. The man recording actually dropped his phone trying to roll the window up, but said the bear got within 15 yard of their vehicle.

These creatures are so unpredictable, but oh so cool.

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