Alaska Man Posts Video Chasing Moose On ATV, Gets Cited For Harassment

Moose slips being chases by ATV
Elliott Edwards

Let this be a lesson that you don’t have to post everything on social media.

An Alaskan resident by he name of Elliot Edwards uploaded a video onto Facebook of himself riding a four-wheeler near a wild moose. The man was chasing the young moose along the Yukon River and you can even see the big moose fall down on the ice as it’s sprinting to get away.

Someone saw the footage online and became concerned, and reported it to the Alaska Department of Public Safety. Not long after they received the tip, the authorities hit Edwards with a citation for “using a motor vehicle to harass, herd, drive, or molest game.”

There’s no doubt that Edwards was harassing the wild animal, The dispatch that was released by the Alaska Department of Public Safety summarized the events that unfolded in their official statement:

“The moose attempted to get to safety multiple times, but was unable because of high river banks. The four-wheeler continued to chase the moose until it slipped on the ice.

The investigation determined on January 29, 2024, Edwards used a red Honda four-wheeler to chase a calf moose until it slipped on the ice.”

And he would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling….urges to post things about yourself on social media? Yeah, Edwards really has no one to blame but himself for this one.

The video he posted is still viewable, and can be seen below:

If there was an award for biggest imbecile of the year, that guy would have it locked up. Not only did he endanger a beautiful, innocent wild animal, he posted the video to prove it.

Everyone that saw it on Facebook was quick to call out the man for his thoughtless actions, leaving replies underneath the video saying:

“Sad, poor moose! Not cool at all!”

“This sickens me.”

“Harassing wildlife on a snow machine is illegal.”

“This is pathetic.”

“Nice incriminating video.”

Love that last comment, and it’s exactly right. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

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