Charles Wesley Godwin Released His Debut Album ‘Seneca’ 5 Years Ago Today

Charles Wesley Godwin
Charles Wesley Godwin

The album that started it all.

Charles Wesley Godwin is one of the hottest names in country music right now. After the release of his critically acclaimed album (and Whiskey Riff’s top album of 2023), Family Ties, Godwin has been skyrocketing to fame. His sophomore project, How The Mighty Fall, was also named Whiskey Riff’s Album of the Year in 2021.

But, as an artist, you never forget the project that started it all.

Five years ago, CWG released his debut album, Seneca, and he took to social media to shed some light on the passion project that kickstarted his career in music.

“It’s been 5 years since ‘Seneca’ was released today! It’s been a hell of a ride since that day. It was truly a before and after moment in my career and that is all thanks to y’all for listening. Thank you for all the support and cheers to ‘Seneca!'”

While some artists take a few albums to define their sound, Seneca quickly helped Godwin define his through intertwining meaningful storytelling with timeless melodies. He figured out his formula fast, and this album highlights the early stages of his craft.

If Godwin released Seneca today with the fame he has gained, it would be a massive success. Five years later it sounds just as good as day one. CWG has come a long way from singing Bruce Springsteen covers at Estonian lingerie fashion shows.

Cheers to celebrating many more of the phenomenal projects to come and the milestones of the past ones from CWG.

“Strawberry Queen”

“Hardwood Floors”

“Seneca Creek”

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