Florida Deputy Resigns After Getting Into A Shootout With His Own Patrol Car Over A Falling Acorn

Okaloosa County Sheriff deputy
Okaloosa County Sheriff

A little trigger happy there?

A Florida police officer has resigned after shooting up his own patrol car…because he mistook the sound of a falling acorn for gunfire.

According to the New York Post, Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Hernandez was responding to a call from the girlfriend of Marquis Jackson, alleging that the suspect had committed stolen her car, threatened her and was in possession of multiple firearms and a silencer.

Hernandez cuffed Jackson and placed him in his patrol car, but while approaching the rear of the car, apparently heard a falling acorn hit the car and thought he was being shot at.

The officer can be heard yelling “Shots fired!” on the bodycam footage as he does a body roll (to avoid those pesky squirrels in the trees), drawing his weapon and unloading it on his own patrol car.

He also claimed that he’d been shot, telling his partner that he was hit while continuing to fire on the suspect in his car. His partner, Sgt. Beth Roberts, also began to fire at the car, believing that the gunfire was coming from inside the vehicle.

Hernandez ultimately turned in his badge and was found to have committed a “policy violation regarding excessive use of control to resistance,” but Roberts was cleared as the investigation found that her use of force was “objectively reasonable.” I mean, there’s no way she knew her partner was THAT big of an idiot, right?

The investigation did find that Hernandez believed his life was in danger when he opened fire:

“Though his actions were ultimately not warranted, we do believe he felt his life was in immediate peril and his response was based off the totality of circumstances surrounding this fear.”

No criminal charges were filed against either officer, and Jackson was somehow uninjured in the barrage of gunfire.

So not only was Hernandez a moron for thinking that an acorn was a gunshot, but he also didn’t have great aim, thank goodness.

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