Brock Purdy Is Not A Fan (Shocker) Of People Saying He Looks Like Lee Harvey Oswald

Brock Purdy
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When you are a pro quarterback, you are often subject to comparisons.

It’s very normal for QBs coming into the NFL Draft to have NFL comparisons, where a young player out of (insert college name here) has the arm power similar to Patrick Mahomes, or pocket presence similar to Drew Brees. On the other hand, it’s very strange for a QB to be compared to an infamous assassin (well, allegedly).

If that last sentence caused you to become lost, allow me to do my best to fill in the blanks. First off, just so we can get this out of the way, Lee Harvey Oswald was the man who is believed to have assassinated John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States.

On November 22nd, 1963, Oswald allegedly shot President Kennedy from the Texas School Book Depository building, which overlooked the route that the presidential motorcade was taking through Dallas. Two days later, Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner, inside the Dallas Police Headquarters. He never stood trial.

Since I don’t want to bore you with much more history (I could tell you were thinking about skipping down a couple of paragraphs), we’ll just leave it at that. That context was somewhat necessary so you would know for sure who San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was being compared to.

It was this post (or tweet, whatever you want to call it) that really got the movement rolling, where a social media user put pictures of Purdy and Oswald side-by-side and captioned it with this:

“Holy sh*t. Been trying to figure out who Brock Purdy looks like for the last two years and it’s Lee Harvey Oswald.”

Let’s all be honest here…there is a resemblance.

Though some others in the comments were saying he looks more like a long-lost Harbaugh, and myself and some other workers at Whiskey Riff have always viewed him as more of a Michael Cera type.

The comparison gained so much traction online that a media member even asked Purdy about it during the QB’s time with media ahead of Super Bowl LVIII. Coming at “Mr. Irrelevant” with hard hitting journalism, the reporter asked if Purdy had seen the memes online, and how he felt being compared to Lee Harvey Oswald.

Brock Purdy clearly wasn’t super intrigued by the question, and responded with this:

“I haven’t. That’s my first time hearing it. Yeah, I don’t know.”

Not sure what the reporter expected. Is Purdy supposed to be excited that he kind of looks like the historical figure that is solely known for assassinating John F. Kennedy? Obviously not.

I’d say Brock handled that question just like how he handles the doubters (or when defenses bring pressure): Purdy stayed cool as a cucumber and brushed it off.

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