Dylan Gossett Continues to Impress With Latest Single “Bitter Winds”

Dylan Gossett
Mark Basnett

Dylan Gossett is one of the newest names on the Texas music scene, and in a short time, he has garnered nearly unprecedented hype. Just as quickly, though, he has proven that his social media stardom is no fluke.

It all happened so fast for Gossett, now one of the premiere up and coming acts out of Austin, TX, who started posting videos of himself covering his favorite music on social media in the spring of 2023, perhaps at the behest of a few friends and family, but largely as an innocuous creative output.

He did so seemingly with no expectation that his following, comprised of such friends and family, would even pay much attention, let alone that strangers would enjoy his music to the extent that they have.

Not too long after he began posting those videos, he experienced an initial surge of virality while teasing his original song “To Be Free,” amassing a few million social media views before releasing it to streaming platforms as his first official single this past June. It was his next original, though, titled “Coal,” that went mega viral shortly thereafter, and by the time he released the single in July, Dylan Gossett was already becoming one of the buzziest names in country music.

In just over six months since, “Coal,” with the poignant punch line “they say pressure makes diamonds, how the hell am I still coal,” has been streamed well over 80 million times on Spotify alone, and with it, Gossett’s life took an unexpected turn towards country music superstardom.

With the aforementioned singles included in his debut EP No Better Time released this past fall, Gossett has six official tracks under his belt, and in November, he became the first artist to sign to Miranda Lambert and Jon Randall’s Big Loud Texas / Mercury Records label, a brand new extension of the Big Loud Records that boasts high profile names on the roster such as Morgan Wallen, Hardy, Ernest, Charles Wesley Godwin, and Hailey Whitters, to name a few.

Now, in his latest single “Bitter Winds,” Gossett calls for a slowdown, and while it could be taken arbitrarily, the context of his rise within the genre makes it seems as if this is an introspective reflection on the drastic, yet presumably welcomed changes that have transpired within the past year. Using metaphorical lyricism and descriptive imagery to his advantage, “Bitter Winds” showcases some of his best songwriting yet. Give it a listen here.

Generally speaking, there has been nothing particularly complex about Gossett’s lyricism up to this point. What you hear is what you get, more or less, and I don’t mean that critically.

But with “Bitter Winds,” there is a bit more beneath the cover than in previous releases, and in my opinion, this means Gossett is just barely scratching the surface in terms of his songwriting capabilities. And the fact that it’s already this good nonetheless, is plenty of reason to take note.

His music is raw and it’s real, and with song content that brings about a healthy degree of self-deprecating introspection, all while staying cautiously optimistic for some sort of idealistic life brought about by love, an appreciation for the natural world, and an opportunistic attitude, it’s incredibly relatable to all of the fans out their consuming his words at a rapid rate.

Reminiscent of Zach Bryan in his early back porch YouTube days, Dylan Gossett has an uncanny ability to resonate with the masses, and it’s undeniable that he’s onto something with his gravelly vocals and heartfelt songwriting. If you haven’t come across Gossett’s previous releases yet, dive right in to his debut EP No Better Time, and keep an eye out for his music moving forward. The sky’s the limit for Dylan Gossett.

No Better Time – EP

“Beneath Oak Trees”

“No Better Time”

“To Be Free”

“Lone Ole Cowboy”

“Flip a Coin”


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