Florida Mom Sparks Outrage Promoting Her OnlyFans Content At Her Kid’s Christian School

Only Fans woman from Florida

We’re living in a day and age where you can create your own subscription page on OnlyFans, and make hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars in some cases just by sharing pictures and videos of yourself. What kind of pictures? Oh, you know…

Is it a business that would make your grandma proud? Probably not, but there are some folks out there who are making an absolute killing off this stuff. If you’re an OnlyFans model, I’m sure it’s pretty difficult trying to promote your content outside of social media.

However, this is one method I would NOT recommend to promote your content…

And I mean by promoting your stuff in your kid’s Christian school pickup line.

According to WFTV9, this one went down in Tavares, Florida, when a local mom named Michelle Cline decided to promote her account in the pickup line at her kids’ Christian school, Liberty Christian Preparatory School.

In fact, her side job has sparked a fight at the school, and she now has to pick up and drop her kids off across the street from the school instead of in the normal line. It all stems from a massive emblem that Cline has put on the back of her car to promote her account.

Parent Lexy Thomas told the outlet:

“It’s not just a tiny little emblem on the back of a car. It is taking up the entire back windshield of two vehicles.”

Cline, who goes by the name “Piper Fawn” on OnlyFans, acknowledged that the image on her vehicle is explicit, but it’s a legitimate business and a way of life for her. Piper Fawn? Sounds like some princess who plays a flute in the woods… I digress…

She told the outlet:

“My husband and I had this, you know, behind closed doors lifestyle that we’ve now decided to share.”

However, her side job and promotional emblem on her vehicle has sparked a slew of complaints from parents, and Cline has now been told she can’t use the main entrance by school officials:

“I was forced to have to take it off or not come on campus.”

Although parents just want the emblem removed from her car, Cline admitted:

“That one seemed like an easy thing to say for sure. For me, it supports my family. This provides a very comfortable way of life for us, and it’s legal. I pay taxes just like everyone else. I didn’t break the law, I just offended people.”

But, Lexy Thomas disagrees:

“That’s a distraction to my children. No matter how poorly or how good I parent, porn is there, and that’s the first thing they’re seeing when they’re going into a place that should be educating them.”

Cline admits that if she has to continue to drop her kids off across the street from the school, she hopes the school will provide her kids with assistance to get across the street to school safely.

Hey, I’ve never been one to disrespect somebody’s side hustle, but to have an explicit image on your car for your OnlyFans account at a CHRISTIAN school is probably not the best idea, especially when the majority of the children probably haven’t even had the birds and the bees talk yet.

But hey, if you’re so inclined…

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