White Moose Stomps Out Robo Lawnmower

White Moose
The Pet Collective

I don’t know what I would be more shocked about: Seeing a robotic lawnmower or laying eyes on a rare white moose.

Both are unique in their own way, though you can’t put a price on the moose, and you can put a price on robotic lawnmower. The mower in the video looks like a Husqvarna Automower, which is featured in the post below, and would set you back about $2,500.

Those things are basically Roombas for your yard, and though that price seems a little hefty, it’s not all that bad if you think about it as a long-term investment. The only downside is that you wouldn’t be able to set aside a couple of hours on a weekend to mow the yard and drink beer (I guess you could sit down, drink beers, and watch it mow for you).

Another downside is that if a moose were to wander onto your property, your thousand dollar robot mower would be public enemy number one from the wild animal’s perspective. In the video below, a majestic white moose is standing in a yard, and comes face-to-face with a robot lawnmower as it unintentionally navigates right towards the towering animal.

Naturally, the moose is intimidated by the strange device, and decides to handle it how any wild creature would: Fearfully launching an attack on it. The other option would have been to run in the opposite direction, but the moose must have had the fight response triggered rather than the flight response.

With one big, swinging stomp, the moose brings the $2,500 robot lawnmower to a screeching halt, and then finally runs away after the damage has already been done.

The moose doesn’t completely vacate the area though, as it becomes enamored with some leaves on a tree and begins to snack on them as someone (that looks disappointed) steps out from the house in the background.

Is the guy upset that he just watched his expensive, futuristic lawnmower get knocked out of commission by a rare moose? Probably so, but at least it wasn’t a boring, plain wild animal that likely just cost that guy a couple grand.

I’m just glad that when the war of man vs machine finally breaks out, we’ll have moose on team human.


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