“My Plan Is To Get My Mother Drunk” – Wyatt Flores On Celebrating His Grand Ole Opry Debut

Wyatt Flores

Even during his biggest moments, it’s still about family.

Wyatt Flores lit up the Grand Old Opry Stage over the weekend, making his debut in the historic circle. While being in the circle, Flores announced his new single “Milwaukee,” giving those who occupied the church pews an early listen. Flores could not have asked for a better debut.

From his spot-on vocals, amazing support from his band, and the audience quickly filling the space with applause, Flores nailed it.

While anyone who graces the Opry stage knows that it’s one of the biggest career moments in country music, they also know that celebrations need to be held after the fact. We had a chance to speak with Flores about his big plans once he peeled out of the Opry parking lot, and as he sipped on a little bit of whiskey, he shared his master plan.

“Aw man, my plan is to get my mother drunk. It sounds awful, as I say it out loud. My mom only gets drunk and parties with me maybe three times a year, and I’m hoping that we start off this year with a bang.

She keeps it pretty civil because she’s always driving my dad; however, Grandma’s in town, so maybe she might drive. I don’t know…uber them wherever, but yes. If I could get my mother to party and rage tonight, I would lose my mind.”

I’d say celebrating your son gracing the most historic stage in country music and singing his own songs is a pretty good reason for the entire Flores family to cut loose.

Wyatt, now that the hangover has (hopefully) subsided, we need to know if your master plan was successfully carried through.

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