Wyatt Flores Announces New Single “Milwaukee” During Grand Ole Opry Debut

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Matt Paskert

This is your public service announcement that Wyatt Flores is dropping new music SOON.

Back in October, before the release of Life Lessons, Wyatt shared with Whiskey Riff that he was working on an extensive three-part project, and part two will hopefully be hitting streaming platforms in the coming months.

While no date has been announced for when part two is coming, Flores has taken to his social media platforms, heavily teasing a new track called “Milwaukee.” Everything Flores does is intentional, and the strategy of teasing the new song right before his Grand Ole Opry debut was all unveiled as he was on stage, announcing that the single is set to drop next week.

“I’m excited to announce “Milwaukee” comes out this Friday! I want to thank everyone who tuned in or showed up for my Opry debut last night.

I still don’t feel like I deserve to stand in that circle but I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to do so. My heart is very full of joy and happiness for all the blessings that are in my life. Love y’all.”

I am jazzed about this one coming out. The sad and slow ballad highlights the story of a man who wished he fought harder for a relationship versus letting the love of his life walk away. Taking a page out of Ian Munsick’s book, he puts a coyote call in the chorus, giving it a fun little flare (and maybe giving listeners a second to collect their tears).

“You can hate my hands for letting you go
Hate my lips for kissing yours cold
And hiding all my feelings in the dark
But please don’t hate my heart.” 

Fans were quick to applaud at the conclusion of the exceptional acoustic performance.

“That’s my new song called “Milwaukee,” it comes out next Friday. I’m very excited to release it.”

Flores addressed the crowd after he played the track.

If this is what is in store for the rest of the project Flores has in the works, bring on more singles. I have a feeling this one will quickly become a repeat stream come its release day.

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