“People Like You Don’t Make It Far In Life” – Bunnie Xo Destroys Troll Commenting On Jelly Roll & Their Daughter’s Weight

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Has the internet not learned not to come for Bunnie Xo?

The wife of country music superstar Jelly Roll, Bunnie is the best when it comes to gracefully responding to social media trolls. With her “I don’t give a f**k” attitude, she always stands tall among those trying to tear her down.

On today’s episode of Bunnie responding to comments, the host of the Dumb Blonde Podcast took to TikTok recently to brutally shut down trolls accusing her of “enabling” her husband and stepdaughter’s diet and how it affects their weight.

The comment left on one of her videos read:

“Why is her husband and stepdaughter’s family massively overweight? Weird podcast, she enables them.” 

Bunnie, who often makes videos responding to comments, quickly jumped on the app and addressed this user.

“It’s absolutely insane to me how dense some people in the human population can be. But let me fill you in on some facts, homie.” 

She then goes on to lay down cold, hard facts about obesity and how it is classified as an eating disorder.

“You need to give people with eating disorders, any type of eating disorders, the same grace that you would give a drug addict in your family. Not in any way am I saying I enable this person or you know…but they get enough hate in this world; the last person they need hate from is somebody in their family.” 

She then says that while she encourages her loved ones to be mindful of their weight and eating, she will not force them to do anything. The last thing that she wants is to be resented by anyone in her family for being strict about their weight and dieting.

After gracefully making her points, Bunnie Xo gets a little fired up. But she still shuts down this troll with the most class I’ve seen in a hot minute.

“I’m going to love him during every phase of his life, and that does not mean that I’m enabling him. So, y’all need to throw that narrative out the window. It’s absolutely horrendous.

He hears it enough from people like you online all day long. So, for you to even come on my page and say something about my underaged daughter’s body shows the type of human you are. And I just hope you have the day that you deserve and the life that you deserve. Because people like you do not make it far in life.”

You tell them, Bunnie.

Jelly Roll has spoken candidly about his struggles with his weight in the past and on podcast interviews, so it seems like this person clearly does not know the open book that their family is.

And he even recently announced that he’s working towards running a 5k in May to better improve his health.

The lesson learned repeatedly is don’t come after Bunnie Xo or her family….she will put you in your place.

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Jelly Roll Is Training To Run His First 5k This May: “I Believe In Myself”

Jelly Roll is kicking off his new year with a fitness journey.

Like many others, Jelly Roll has some New Year’s resolutions, but his seem very achievable. While most people set lofty goals and often forgotten about halfway through the year, Jelly Roll took to social media to highlight one of his goals, and his fans are backing him on it.

Last week, during Tom Segura and Bert Kreischer’s 2 Bears, 1 Cave episode, the two discussed their resolutions heading into the new year. Kreischer came up with the idea that he wants to be able to run a 5k by May.

“That’s our New Year’s resolution. 5K by May. Let’s get ready for it.” 

@seguratom 2 Bears, 1 Resolution. 🎉 Happy New Year! #5k #5kchallenge #newyearsresolution ♬ original sound – Tom Segura

Segura then says that it would be even better if they could enlist others to join them on their 5K journey. And it quickly turns into Kreischer and Segura calling many of their friends to see if they would participate in a 5k by May if the two hosted an event.

While some of their phone calls led to some less than promising responses from their friends, Jelly Roll later took to social media to shout them out, noting that he would partake in their 5K.

“This message is for Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura. I was on the ‘Full Send’ podcast this week, and Kyle from the Nelk Boys convinced me…that I could make it to the 5K by May if I dedicated myself to it. I believe him. I believe in myself. 

Bert, I love you, Bubba. Tom, I don’t know you, but I love you too, and I can’t wait to meet you. I’ll be there, baby. I’m in the woods, walking every morning.

5K by May, baby. 5K by May! I’M IN BERT, I’M IN BERT.” 

Like his speech from the CMA Awards, I am fired up after watching his message to the podcast hosts. Hell, I might even join in on the 5K by May goal.

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