Fired Airport Restaurant Employee Gets Into Chair-Swinging Brawl With Managers On Her Way Out

airport employee fight

You never know what you might see the second you walk into an airport.

I mean seriously, it’s like the second you walk through those doors, you leave reality and enter the twilight zone.

From Karens losing their minds over flight delays (or simply not getting exactly what they wanted), to drunken passengers losing touch with reality, you just might experience something you’ll never forget…

And here’s our latest example.

This wild scene went down at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Harvest & Grounds restaurant near Terminal D.

In the video, you can hear what appears to be a former employee tell her manager:

“Let me get my stuff, the f*ck is wrong with y’all.”

The girl then proceeds to try to walk behind the counter, and that’s when the manager responds while trying to push the girl back:

“No, you can walk away. I’ll get your f*cking stuff.”

Next thing you know, she grabs a chair and appears like she’s ready to do the worst with it, before her other former manager takes it away.

She then tries to go back behind the counter once again, and this time, the manager REALLY wasn’t having it. He grabs the girl and throws her to the ground. That’s when she gets up and starts throwing windmill punches to both managers.

And right when you think she’s calling it quits and walking out, she then leaps over the counter and into the back, as her and the manager continue to duke it out, with her swinging a pan.

You can hear the manager tell the crowd:

“Somebody’s on the phone with the police, right?”

And once the girl hears that, she darts out of there like a bat out of Hell.

Pure insanity at Hartsfield-Jackson.

Check it out:

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A beer bottle on a dock