Full-Length Basketball Court Installed In Indianapolis International Airport & The Internet Has All The Jokes

Indianapolis airport basketball court

What do you do when “Ball is Life,” but you still have to catch your red eye flight?

The city of Indianapolis has got you covered, as they recently unveiled a full-length basketball court located smack dab in the middle of Indianapolis International Airport. Why you might be asking?

Indianapolis (home of the Indiana Pacers) will host the NBA’s All-Star weekend next month, so the court is meant to act as a promotion for the event. And sadly, the court is just decorative, as no one will actually be able to play on the court within the airport (air-court?).

The Pacers shared the image of the full-length basketball court online, and shared an “Indiana is a basketball state” type of message along with it:

“A full-length basketball court has been installed in the middle of Indianapolis International Airport to welcome fans to next month’s 2024 NBA All-Star game. In 49 states it’s just basketball, but this is Indiana.”

Yeah, if you didn’t know, Indiana really loves basketball. You haven’t ever seen the movie Hoosiers?

You can really tell how much people love it in the video below. I’m just going based off of the people casually walking across it and not paying much attention to it because, you know, they need to catch their flight:

To be honest, the idea is very unique, and should help to bring attention to the the basketball loving state of Indiana’s All-Star game. But (and this is a huge but here), it’s a real shame that you can’t actually play basketball on it.

That’s how the internet is feeling about it, though then again, the memes that have come from it might help to prove that not letting people hoop on the court is a very safe and great idea:

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A beer bottle on a dock