Wife Of Dallas Cowboys Fan Goes Viral With Hilarious Game Reactions Bingo Card

Cowboys fan

For NFL football fans reading this, just a warning, this one is going to hit at home.

Everyone knows that being a sports fan requires a lot on game days. Even if you aren’t going to the game in person, there are things you have to do to get ready to watch your team play on TV.

That might mean getting snacks ready, making sure the beers are cold, and putting on gear that matches your favorite team so that you are truly and undeniably a fan. It also means that you do some involuntary things during the game, which you probably don’t even notice at this point.

One woman caught on to those instinctive reactions that fans have watching their team and decided to have some fun with it. The video of what she did as she watched her husband watch his favorite NFL team is currently going viral, and for good reason.

The wife of the Dallas Cowboys fan in this clip set up a Bingo board with 25 traditional squares, and in each square (minus the free space of course) there was an action that she predicted her husband would do while watching the game.

Those squares were filled with the following:

-Head Tilt

-Air Punch

-High Five

-Goes in Bedroom

-Watches TV from side

-Crosses arms

-“Let’s go, yes. Let’s go.”

-First down gesture


-Quiet Clap

-Touchdown Gesture

-Slowly falls back in seat

-Hands out (confused)

-“Get Him!”

-Fist clap

-“What are we doing?”

-Penalty Flag gesture

-Flexes muscles

-Covers face

-Head down, eyes closed

-Aggressively pets dog

-Goes down the hall

-Knee slaps


Each time her husband did one of those things (and if you are a football fan, you likely do a number of the above things as well), she would mark it off her “Bingo card” and excitingly keep watching.

And just to be clear, she wasn’t watching the game, she was watching her husband watching the game. Her husband watching the Cowboys was actually the game for her.

When the video ends, all but eight of the squares for her creative “DRINK” game were filled in. She cheered quietly and picked up her drink as she crossed off “Flexes” from the list and finally got five in a row filled in.

I’ve got to say, it’s one of the more creative ideas I’ve seen, and if it helped her get through watching the game with her husband, more power to her.

Check out the hilarious spin on Bingo below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock