Morgan Wallen Teases Beautiful New Heartbreak Ballad, “I Guess”

Morgan Wallen country music
David Lehr

Morgan Wallen has a new song up his sleeve.

The country superstar shared a demo of a new tune called “I Guess” over on Instagram earlier, which sounds like a heartbreaker about struggling in a relationship, blaming the other person for all the problems, but ultimately not being able to fully call it quits and move on:

“I guess I’m the problem,
You’re miss never do no wrong,
If I’m so awful,
Then why’d you stick around this long

And if it’s the whiskey,
Then why do you keep on pullin’ it off the shelf,
You hate that when you look at me
You halfway see yourself”

Of course, it’s still pretty raw in terms of the production because it’s a demo, but I think it’s perfect as it is and have to agree with Parker McCollum’s comment on the post:

“Release that exactly how it is. So good.”

Morgan’s voice sounds great, the lyrics are solid and paint a beautifully sad picture, and I honestly hope this one gets included on an eventual album or even released as a single one day.

We all know Morgan almost as equally leans into his pop/hip-hop sensibilities as he does country, but this is a damn good country song and already sounds like a hit to me.

Check it out:

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