Ring Camera In Alaska Captures Moose Shedding Both Its Antlers With One Big Shake

moose shed

Some people would spend years shed hunting searching for a massive set of antlers like these, and this guy basically just got these dropped off in his front yard.

In Houston, Alaska, a Ring security camera captured the exact moment that a towering moose shed his entire set of antlers, and all it took one was big full-body shake. Moose, as well as other antlered animals, normally shed their antlers on an annual basis, and that moment is rarely ever captured on camera.

They don’t always lose both sides of their antlers either, so moose can sometimes go days, if not weeks, walking around with one side of their rack. If I haven’t made it clear so far, I’m trying to really explain how rare something like this is.

In the clip, the security camera is pointed out into the front yard of the home, which looks like a winter wonderland as it’s blanketed with snow. The moose then wanders past the side of the home and into the frame of the footage, and it is just light enough outside for the camera to capture this once-in-a-lifetime (technically once a year, but you know what I’m saying) moment.

As the moose begins to shake, it startles itself when its large antlers become loose, and ultimately fall off. Both sides of the moose’s rack clank down to the ground, and the combination of the sound and the sheer fact that it just lost a lot of weight off the top of its head sends the moose running away in fear.

Seeing that footage alone is one of the cooler outdoor clips you’ll see, but the video doesn’t stop there. The next portion shows what appears to be the homeowner discovering the antlers in his yard, and then walking them up to the Ring camera to show them off.

Like I said earlier, most people that practice shed hunting would never find a set of antlers together like this no matter how much they searched, and this guy basically got them Amazon Primed to his home (with the moose acting as the delivery system).

You can view the incredible footage below:

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