Peloton Instructor Who Blasted Christopher Nolan Praises ‘Oppenheimer’, Offers Him A Free Front-Row Seat In Her Class


Jenn Sherman, take a bow. An impromptu evisceration of the movie Tenet from a Peloton class you taught in 2020 shot you to viral fame overnight almost four years later. That’s right. Filmmaker Christopher Nolan happened to be in virtual attendance for said class during the pandemic, and yesterday he shared the surreal story of hearing his flick torn to shreds by his cycling instructor.

Welp, Sherman has responded in an Instagram post, walking back some of the vitriol behind her remarks and making a point to say she’s seen (and really enjoyed) the three-hour epic Oppenheimer twice.

Here are the best bits of Sherman’s monologue, which heck, is possibly engaging enough to get her cast in Nolan’s next movie!

“Listen, it was 2020. It was a dark time. I’m up on the platform, teaching my little class, and I’m running my mouth off like I’m known to do, and I make a random comment about a movie I’d seen the night before. What do you think the odds are that the director of said movie would take that ride some four years later? Yeah, that would only happen to me.

So here’s what I want to say: I may not have understood a minute of what the hell was going on in Tenet — that sh*t went right over my head — but, I have seen Oppenheimer twice, and that’s six hours of my life that I don’t ever want to give back.”

Come on, y’all. Give it up for the Shermanator, who closes the video by offering Nolan a front-row seat in her class and open season to critique her. I hope Nolan takes her up on that. Get that man on the bike, let his super-dry humor pick apart her instruction, and let that go viral. I’m dying to see something from Nolan to prove he’s not just in the lab 24/7 cooking up epic auteur/blockbuster cinema for us peons. I do hope he gets to enjoy life and break a sweat from time to time with that incredible imagination of his firing off all the time, compelling him to make the most ambitious standalone movies of today.

As mentioned in my write-up from Thursday, Travis Scott song “The Plan” began playing during Sherman’s Peloton class, which is what sparked her rant in the first place. It can be heard in the final Tenet trailer.

I’m pretty sure Sherman did the quick math in her head, realized this was the opportunity of a lifetime to get her name out there, and pounced once she saw the opening to respond and/or connect with Christopher Nolan. If I had any sort of line to that man, I’d be making a beeline for it, you can take that to the bank!

Sherman was obviously blown away that Nolan even knows who she is. Self-deprecation is always the way to go when you get called out like this. It would’ve been easy for her to hide away, be all embarrassed, and/or run from what she said. Instead, in most refreshing fashion, Sherman took it on the chin, stood by her take on Tenet, but backed it up with major props for Oppenheimer. HOT TAKE: I liked Tenet better. I’m just more of a high-concept sci-fi guy as it is, so I’m sure that’s a big reason why.

Quick personal aside: I used to freak out in acting school all the time about doing a good job, but when you really look at anything acting/writing/directing related in the entertainment business, it’s an art form that’s entirely subjective. No matter how well you think you did, or how many people tell you that you crushed it, there will be somebody out there who thinks you suck or doesn’t like you. This Nolan-Peloton saga is proof positive of that (OK, and Tenet‘s 69% rating on Rotten Tomatoes I suppose).

If you haven’t seen Tenet or Oppenheimer, I’d highly recommend both. It’s looking like the latter will win all the Oscars this year. OK maybe not all of them. I’d put Oppenheimer as a comfortable favorite in the major categories of Best Picture and Best Director for Nolan. Cillian Murphy has a great chance to win Best Actor. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Robert Downey Jr. take the golden statue for Best Supporting Actor, too.

New featurette just dropped.

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