Giants Coach Brian Daboll Stared At Reporter’s Hair & Then Got Roasted By Him: “You Jealous?”

Brian Daboll Giants
Ari Meirov

It has not been an easy year for New York Giants Head Coach Brian Daboll.

Like the other New York football team, the Giants came into this year with high expectations, and instead achieved an injury-plagued, mediocre season (that was almost saved by a player who still lives with his parents).

Brian Daboll’s squad now sits at 5 wins and 11 losses, and with one game left in the season, all they can really do is play spoiler against the rival Philadelphia Eagle team that’s traveling to New York for the regular season finale.

There’s also the opportunity for some players to reach certain statistical thresholds that would allow for bonuses to kick in, and one reporter was asking the Giants head coach about that when this accidental viral moment occurred.

As Daboll took time to speak with the media, one reporter was asking a question about those opportunities for some players taking the field, saying:

“There are some players that can make money if they hit certain thresholds. Are you aware of those going into…”

A smiling Brian Daboll then cut off the reporter, letting him know that he was distracted and hadn’t really heard any of the question:

“Sorry, I’m looking at your hair.”

After that comment, the reporter decided that he would be absolutely ruthless with his response, quickly firing back at the bald head coach and saying:

“My hair? You jealous?”

The entire room flooded with “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” as everyone was floored by the vicious retort. In defense of the reporter, it was a very playful, innocent delivery, but it still probably struck a chord somewhere deep within the Giants head coach.

Daboll gathered himself and replied:

“I am. You should turn your camera, flip your phone around and take a look at it. But yes, I am (jealous). It’s been about, I don’t know, 30 years (since I’ve had hair).”

Looks like everyone got through the situation without getting their feelings hurt, and Daboll was able to laugh off the unexpected jab. And if we’re being honest, he kind of walked himself right into it.

You can view the hilarious interaction below:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock