Zach Bryan Finished His Last Show Of 2023 With A Wild College Graduation Ceremony

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Zach Bryan is a man of higher education.

Near the end of 2023, Bryan shared that he was keeping his promise to his late mom that he would complete his Bachelor’s Degree. And while his college experience looked much different than those of us who went the traditional route, Bryan was serving our nation while the majority of us were going through sorority or fraternity rush.

Since he chose to join the Navy at 17 and then the unexpected blow-up of his music career, Bryan’s lecture halls looked more like greenrooms as he finished his degree on the road. Nevertheless, a college degree is an accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated no matter how you cross the finish line.

After Bryan’s last show of 2023, his team and friends assembled a graduation ceremony backstage, complete with cap and gown so that he could get the “walking” experience.

Bryan walks into the room in shock that his friend pulled this together as a surprise. A mariachi band plays an upbeat song as everyone in the room cheers. The camera then moves off of Bryan to reveal a wedding-like setup with an aisle for him to walk down with a balloon arch at the end of it.

As he begins his trek to the front of the stage, the crowd continues to cheer wildly, giving him a standing ovation.

Talk about some dang good people in his corner to make sure this milestone does not go unnoticed. Zach Bryan probably graduated with Magna Cum Laude.

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Zach Bryan Fulfills His Promise To His Late Mother

Zach Bryan joined the Navy at 17 years old, following in the footsteps of his father Dewayne in serving our country.

Obviously after he began to blow up, he was honorably discharged and pursued a career in music, but it turns out that wasn’t all that he’s been pursuing. Zach revealed on Twitter that he’s earned his bachelor’s degree, fulfilling a promise that he made to his late mother DeAnn.

“Got my bachelors yesterday after exams in the desert and green rooms to about a hundred different venues. No arrogance attached, just a promise I made my mom a long while back. Bound to be a good week guys.”

Hell yeah Zach!

Of course his college career probably looked a little different than most, taking his classes from green rooms at venues around the country. But hey, his college parties were probably a lot better than the ones I went to…

Zach hasn’t said what he got his degree in, but with his songwriting skills you’ve gotta think it was some kind of English or writing degree. Although it would be badass if he went off and got something super unexpected like a microbiology or calculus degree.

Either way, big congrats are in order for Ol’ Son on officially becoming a college graduate. Gotta know that his mama is proud of him.

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