Former President Barack Obama Includes Zach Bryan And Gabe Lee On Favorite Songs Of The Year List

Barack Obama Zach Bryan
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Whether you agree with his politics or not, the former president has good taste in country music.

Barack Obama just released his 2023 list of his favorite songs of the year. And while there are quite a few from other genres that I don’t recognize (I’m pretty sure he just made “6LACK” up), there are some pretty good entries from the country genre on 44’s list.

For the second year in a row, Barry O is a BIG Zach Bryan guy. Last year, “Something In the Orange” made Obama’s year-end list, and this year, it’s his duet with Kacey Musgraves, “I Remember Everything,” that’s on the yearly wrap up.

And another WELL deserved entry is Gabe Lee‘s “Drink the River,” from his 2023 album of the same name and one of the best albums of the entire year.

Rounding out Obama’s country selections was Jason Isbell’s “Cast Iron Skillet,” from his album Weathervanes.

Earlier this year, Obama also gave his stamp of approval to Luke Combs’ cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” when he released his 2023 songs of the summer playlist.

It’s good to see there are some things that cross party lines – like good country music.

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